My Mission:

The point of data science is to empower decision making at every level of business. At Grimm Science, I build a bridge between data and business leveraging assets already available to increase the efficiency of your business. Churn prediction with uplift modeling can reverse customer attrition? Cross selling and incremental lift can increase your client's engagement? Recommender systems can tranform unwanted ads into desired recommendations? The applications are only as limited as the data in your system.

Business Review Data plus context equals information

The first step of data science starts as a business problem. A business is a system designed to do work. Only once that system is surveyed and understood, can we Enumerate the points of leverage to consider for data science.

Case Study Value projection of an initiative

A precisely defined point of leverage creates a very clean machine learning problem with known inputs, defined outputs, and business-grounded metrics of success. Here we Evaluate the worth of an initiative to determine its projected value to your business and, thus, if it's worth pursuing into the next phase.

Productize Initiative Put your data to work

Pending a promising Case Study, we will be ready to Integrate the initiative into your business. This can take many forms: from delivering a productized version of the model to working with your engineers to build their own version to revealing the model to your business through an api. The form this takes mostly comes down to the needs of your business and whether or not you want to maintain the code yourself.

Who I am A tech-minded creative with passion for applied math

Allen Grimm Founder. Data Scientist, Dev

Fascinated by the intersection of abstraction and reality, I found my calling in data science. I seeks new ways to empower decision making with data. With my Masters of Science degree in Computational Intelligence and experience in data mining and predictive modeling, my speciality is in clustering, modeling, and predicting user behavior.

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email at: allen [at] grimmscience [dot] com

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The Grimm Scientist

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